Dog Training and Behaviour

Does your dog pull on the lead?

Do you want to be able to stop your pet from jumping up?

Are you concerned by your dog guarding objects?

Does your dog reliably come back to you when off lead?

Are you experiencing training issues with your pet and want a private tailor made high quality service?

Then contact Best Behaviour, Pet Behaviour Training today and book a one to one training sessions with Natashya. During the private tailor made high quality dog training one to one consult you will learn how to train your dog effectively.  

Natashya will teach you how to train using effective and ethical reward-based methods, in the environments in which you are experiencing the problems.

Forget the rest, only go for the best!

Each training session is aimed to teach you how to understand your pets behaviour and learn the skills to train your dog.  Natashya will teach you effective , kind, reward-based motivational methods in an enjoyable and relaxed manner.

Dog Behaviour Support.

Our dog behaviour therapy and training program are  a tailor made friendly service to help restore harmony for you & your pet, by a fully qualified and insured dog trainer and behaviourist.

Best Behaviour offers professional behaviour therapy home consultations for Dogs, one to one dog training and new puppy consults. Only scientifically sound, effective and ethical methods and techniques such as Clicker training and Behaviour Adjustment Training are used.

The service will include analyses of the observational behaviours, assessment of possible reinforcers and a practical training and behaviour plan which utilises reward based, ethical methods.

Best Behaviour utilise a consistent holistic approach consulting EMRA during behaviour consultations, which considers your pets emotions.

  • Analyses your pets individual requirements. 
  • Determines how your pet behaves when the problematic situation arises.
  • Looks at why your pet has performed the problematic behaviour.

By taking an holistic approach and assessing yours pets personal requirements Natashya can consider all the factors that may be influencing your pets behaviour adversely and work with you to devise a reward based strategy to provide long term improvement. Several subsequent sessions, especially with aggression problems may be required.

It is always recommended that you have your pet checked by a vet before seeking help on a behaviour issue to ensure there are no underlying medical conditions. Please download the behaviour consultation and take to your vet to complete.

Dog Behaviour Consults (on veterinary referral)

Does your dog lunge, bark, growl and snap?

Is your dog destructive when left alone?

Does your dog display aggression?


All these and more behaviour problems that your dog may display can be helped by Best Behaviour.

During the support Natashya will asses your pet both generally and whilst displaying the unwanted behaviour,.  She will also look into the potential cause or trigger for the behaviour.  Plus identifying the current reinforcers of the undesirable behaviour.  Then devise a behaviour modification plan, which will help to enhance your pets life and restore harmony.

Service includes an invaluable owner induction, weekly consults, personalised behaviour modification & training plans and email/phone support.

New Puppy Consult

Are you thinking of getting a puppy and want to ensure you give it the best start in its new life?

Then book a new puppy consult for when your puppy arrives so we can work to stop any potential problems, give training advice and ensure that you have a harmonious life together.

The puppy stage of development is the most important in a dogs life and will provide the foundation for its adult behaviour, by booking a consult with Natashya you will be assisting your puppy’s growth into a happy and content adult.

Rescue Dog Consult

Have you made the decision to give a rescue dog a new happy life?

Do you want to ensure that your new pet settles into your life and family as smoothly as possible?

Then call Best Behaviour today and book a rescue dog consult. During the consult Natashya will discuss the signs of potential behaviour problems to watch out for, give advice on how to settle your rescue dog into its new home & family and training advice.

It is recommended you a book a consult within the first month of you getting your pet as the earlier we can start work to help prevent any problems from occurring the better it is for you & your pet.