Natashya Sheppard FdScCBT, DipCABT 

Natashya Sheppard FdscCBT, DipCABT has over 20 years of experience working with pets in various roles including veterinary nurse, dog & cat groomer, rescue dog rehabilitation & trainer, dog trainer and behaviourist.

Natashya qualified with a Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour through COAPE (Centre Of Applied Pet Ethology) in 2006 and also has successfully completed a FdSc Degree in Canine Behaviour and Training through Bishop Burton College underwritten by the University of Hull awarded in 2014. 

Natashya received training and tutoring from  Behaviourists Dr Peter Neville, Sarah Whitehead and Val Strong while at COAPE. She also annually attends seminars and lectures, including Lincoln University course “Lifeskills for Puppies”, hosted by many leaders in the fields of Dog Training and behaviour including Professor Ray Coppinger, Grisha Stewart, Karen Dunbar to mention a few.  The  amazing Woof Conference a four day conference held every 2 years featuring leaders in the animal behaviour and training industry. 

Natashya ensures she is at the top of the canine behaviour profession by achieving a degree in Canine Behaviour and Training, alongside continuing her professional development through regularly attending relevant seminars and conferences.  

  • Natashya's areas of expertise include:
  • Puppy development and training
  • Relaxed Lead Walking
  • Recall
  • Resource guarding

She is a member of COAPE Association of Pet Behaviourists and Trainers (CAPBT). CAPBT, is the one of the largest specifically qualified association for pet behaviourists and trainers in the UK. Membership offers all pet owners a guarantee of quality when seeking help with the treatment of behaviour problems, or in training your dog or puppy. Natashya is also a member of the Pet Professional Network to give her clients peace of mind that they are working with an ethical professional.

“As a devoted pet owner I am able to empathize with the issues that can arise from sharing your life with animals. Over the years I been fortunate enough to share my home with many different pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, rats and hamsters. My border collie “Jen” found me while I was volunteering with Border Collie rescue in Scotland and helped me to experience the ups and downs sometimes involved with taking on a rescue dog who has had a bad start in life.   I have been fortunate enough to raise puppies and supported their development into wonderful adult dogs, who are part of our family.  In my spare time I relax by taking my dogs for hikes in the countryside and partaking in agility and trick training.  

To ensure Best Behaviour consistently offers the Best service Natashya keeps up to date with the latest research, methods and theories in the pet behaviour and training world. She also attends courses, seminars and lectures to build upon her knowledge base to continue her professional development.

*Membership of the CAPBT is solely by qualification with members having to pass the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology’s (COAPE), independently NOCN accredited Diploma in Practical Animal Behaviour and Training.