Building successful relationships through teaching understanding
Building successful relationships through teaching understanding

Holistic Pet Behaviour Training in Wiltshire & Somerset

Dog behaviour therapy and dog training in Wiltshire, Somerset and surrounding areas. A tailor made friendly service to help restore harmony for you and your pet, by a fully qualified and insured dog trainer and behaviourist.

Best Behaviour offers professional behaviour therapy home consultations for dogs, one to one dog training and new puppy consults. Only scientifically sound, effective and ethical methods and techniques such as Clicker Training and Behaviour Adjustment Training are used.

Best Behaviour use a consistent holistic approach called EMRA for all behaviour consultations, which focus’s on your pets emotions.

EMRA stands for Emotional, Mood State and Reinforcement Analysis which put simply:

  • Analyses how your pet feels day to day – are they fully content with life?
  • Determines how your pet feels when the problematic situation arises
  • Looks at why your pet is continuing to perform the problematic behaviour

By taking an holistic approach and assessing your pets mood state, Natashya Sheppard (FdscCBT, DipCABT) can consider all the factors that may be influencing your pets behaviour adversely and work with you to devise a reward based strategy to provide long term improvement. Several subsequent sessions, especially with aggression problems may be required.

It is recommended that you have your pet checked by a vet before seeking help on a behaviour issue to ensure there are no underlying medical conditions.